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. >>> we'll be heading to washington live and talking to the transportation secretary. he's been in the job, and it'll be a year tomorrow. they are making a huge push for texting and driving and talking on the phone and driving. we'll check in with ray lahood to see what the government's doing about it because it is a huge problem. >>> i want to get to a personal note for both megan and myself. we want to say so long to bill tooey. he was an outstanding man and he's going to be missed in baltimore county. >> always available, always professional and sad to see him go, but he'll be a success no matter where he is. >>> now a look at the weather. here's justin with the news of the day coming up. >>> we still have a winter weather advisory. you woke up this morning saying where is it. you talked about ice and it's not here. it's here now. it's making a return and now that we've got school and everything else on the way, you have to deal with a sloppy mess until 1:00. northern baltimore, carroll and northern counties westbound. they did close school in allegheny back into the mountains. as f
. we're going to go to viviana hurtado who is in washington covering the latest on what is going on a week later in haiti. >> reporter: the clock is ticking to stave off a second wave of disaster in earthquake-stricken haiti. two million people are hungry. >> is anyone bringing water here? >> no. no water. >> reporter: 1.5 million are homeless. medical care basics like disinfected tools are nonexistent forcing doctors to treat patients with whatever is on hand. one used a ball point pen to perform a tracheotomy. >> we removed the internal part of the pen and used the plastic finger to - >> reporter: food, clean water and medical supplies are arriving but parked at the airport and slow to get to the quake victims. one week into the catastrophe and the mission could turn from rescuing trapped victims to recovering bodies but search teams are still looking and listening for evidence of life. >> the next step is to listen in to the guys, they know the area, they know where their neighbors were. >> reporter: streets turned into bedrooms where whole families sleep and bathe off dirt w
including new jersey, washington, d.c. all passed laws allowing patients to use medical marijuana and protecting them from prosecution. >>> a budget around list tells lawmakers that $389 in stimulus money written into the state budget may have to be written offer. but the official says there is enough cash on-hand to make up for the gap if more stimulus funds are not approved by the united states congress. >>> more pink slips are being handed out. walmart is trimming more than 11,000 jobs at its sam's club warehouses. cuts will include 10,000 samples who showcase products for customers. outside marketing company is being hired to do in-store product demonstrations. >>> we have a new dry cleaners in columbia lending a helping hand to the unemployed by cleaning their clothes for free. carlos opened zips a few weeks ago. now he's showing how he cares about his customers. if you provide him with information that proves your are out of work he'll dry clean three clothes for you a week until you find a job. >> we try to help the community to provide jobs and any way we can help. the eco
stepped up and donated millions. viviana hurtado, abc news washington. >>> the devastation has had a tremendous impact on members of our state. in walkersville, the church in frederick county has helped to build a school, chapel, plant a garden. the village of st. jerome, about 60 miles north of the haitian capital port-au-prince. >> we're very curious just to talk to the priests at all. we haven't been able to get through. the cell phone technology is actually good down there, but i think the um, it's being overwhelmed right now. >> you know, with phone lines down, electricity out in many places, facebook has been a saving grace for some, but still hard to get through. if you're trying to get to your loved ones, your friends in haiti, you can call the state department at 1-888-407-4747 or log onto our website. this is the website, >>> singer wyclef jean and his charity has been tweeting about the earthquake. his tweet-soliciting donations to help victims are among the most popular topics right now on twitter. >>> others in hollywood also rushing forward to pitch in
the president returns to washington later this morning he'll meet with his top advisors including the cia and homeland security to discuss the intelligence failures. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. >>> police are still looking for a man who slipped through security at newark airport in new jersey. authorities say that the man walked through a screening checkpoint exit into the secure side of the continental terminal. this is yesterday. police are looking at all the surveillance tape to try to identify that man. yesterday flights were grounded for hours as police tried to find the man. today things appear to be back up and running as usual in newark. >>> in glen burnie six people were hurt in an apartment fire. when fire crews got to the willow apartments they found heavy smoke coming from the building. firefighters say the flames seemed to have been started by a pot left on the stove. and the three children were hospitalized including a 2-year-old who suffered what appeared to be life-threatening injuries. a 19-year-old was also seriously hurt. >>> off to perry hall, and a fire tha
of distracted, drunk and teen driving as well as required use for seat belts. top three washington, d.c., new jersey and illinois. worse three states south dakota, arizona and north dakota. for the past ten years 40,000 americans were killed. three and a half million were injured each year in auto accidents. many of the victims are children whose parents are now amuck the most vocal advocates. >> through basic immaturity is all too often a deadly combination behind the wheel. >> reporter: nationwide the economic cost of car crashes is $630 million each day. decade. >>> let's get to local news. yesterday baltimore county council held their first meeting since mayor sheila dixon said she was resigning. council members say they were not worried about the transition but the next month poses some challenges. >> it is a concern to everyone. in my district in the 13th district we are pushing forward. >> stephanie rawlings blake will have to more council meetings before mayor sheila dixon's resignation becomes official next month. >>> an effort is underway this morning to stop the closures of the fir
the intelligence failures, although no one is expected to be fired today. viviana hurtado abc news washington. >>> it may be more flawed than we actually thought. newark airport, the scene was incredible. a mess right a short time ago when an unknown man walked past security without being checked. wait until you see what abc2 news david mure found out about the security lapse. >> reporter: it began when an unidentified man, a stranger entered newark's terminal c for this passageway, walking right past a podium where a security worker was supposed to be stationed. those the tsa's cameras weren't recording, conned intentional airline cameras were. 5:20 sunday evening, that tsa officer walks away from his podium. arriving passengers exit the terminal. the stranger had been loitering in the area then walks through into the terminal. 5:22, the tsa officer walks back to the podium. 5:23 a bystander approaches the tsa officer alerting him that a stranger, no one stopping him had gone through. the breach doesn't end there. the newark, new jersey port authority says it ones until a full hour and twent
and then with congressional democratic leaders. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. >> the attempted bombing of a plane on christmas day led to increased security checks at all airports but tighter screening costs one little boy a christmas gift from his grandmother. screeners were concerned and took away the child's play doe. theresa woodward has the story. >> all you have to worry about, is it getting in the carpet but that's a small problem to have as opposed to a child entertained for a half-hour. >> reporter: it would have probably entertained josh and nathan pitney for the entire flight back home to st. louis but - >> nathan has the empty packaging from the play doe that was confiscated in new orleans by the tsa last week. >> reporter: the tsa said no to the pitney's play doe. >> i have the kids and my husband was kind of there with all the bags. and josh and i were sitting getting our shoes on. and my husband kind of motioned to us and said they took the play doe. the man from tsa was taking every can out at a time and putting it on a little table and josh saw and he started fussing, and i tried
dulles to vegas that made and energy landing in denver. the flight from washington with 134 people on board land instead denver and police arrested a passenger. flight attendants say the guy was drunk before he got on the flight. when flight attendants asked him what was he holding, he said, you'll see. fellow passengers then wrestled him to the ground and kept him pinned until he was arrested by police in denver. # flight 223 then continued onto vegas. >> this morning in lebanon drews are searching the sea after and eat crop january airlines jet crashed after takeoff. 90 people were on board that plane. >> reporter: 83 passengers and 7 crew were on the boeing 737. the wife of a french ambassador was also on that flight, which crashed shortly after takeoff in heavy storms. it was headed to the eat crop january capital but just 5 minutes after takeoff, it disappeared from the radar. the crash site is about 2 miles offshore. the airline confirmed the plane's disappearance on its website. it was commissioned as one of the major airlines in africa, given its reputation as one of the sa
the death toll at between 50,000 and 100,000. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. >> there's an organization called hope for haiti coming up next friday. >> wyclef jean is behind this -- i think he'll be in new york and george clooney will be in l.a. you can watch it here on abc2 coming up on friday. >> also, there's a telethon set up in conjunction with scripps and the american red cross. it will be tomorrow from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. our phones will be staffed with some of the folks from the red cross so you can call in and give donations then. you don't have to wait to tomorrow to do that. we've set up a complete haiti earthquake web page where you can get the latest, the stories, everything that is going on, as well as details in to how you can help. it's on-line at >>> dr. martin luther king jr. saw people in need just like those in haiti all across parts of the world and it's that message that is being felt today. more than 40 years after his death. today's the federal holiday to honor the life and legacy of dr. king. millions across the country are reflect
diarrhea and vomiting going around in the baltimore washington area. just want to make sure all our listeners are aware of that and respond correctly to it. if your dog is sick having problems, don't run to the vet right away, but if you still have problems in 48 hours, go to the veterinarian. >> he's a star, getting lots of tv time. >> get me out of here. >> we'll be right back stay with us. [ male announcer ] mark your calendar. the "verizon fios days to save event" is here. a limited time opportunity to save $20 a month, when you sign up for fios tv, internet and phone for the great low price of $89.99 a month for one year with a two-year agreement. with 100% true fiber optics, you'll get an amazing hd picture, blazing fast internet, plus, crystal-clear phone. all for just $89.99 a month for one year. discover a whole new entertainment experience that goes beyond cable. thousands of your favorite shows and movies available at the touch of a button. forget the title? no problem, it's easy to search for shows by keyword or actor. it's no wonder fios tv has three times more very sat
remember the washington baltimore caps? they use tonight the roller derby. anyone remember that. it was like little richard and they had nicknames. and they used to skate at the arm roy. they're at the arena. the open ser this weekend. and it is really a fun thing to go to -- the opener is this weekend. it is a fun thing to do. they will talk about it. >> and okay. i thought so. [ laughter ] >> motorcycle here four blocks long and go down wilkins avenue. we'll talk about monster diesel. we knew them when. this is a start-up company. we're having them now. >> beautiful. they will not be talking to us. >>> that and more coming up in the next 58 minutes. we have weather with justin. >> the roller girls are over my shoulder they forced me to stop talking about snow. blame it on them if it doesn't work out. we have a big storm there is a hype over the last couple of days. it is going to happen. will it happen for us? we'll be turning colder and looking for highs around lunchtime. strong winds a brief shower and then the them owe meter drops. we're below freezing and all weekend long
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12